October 30, 2008

My Favorite Mascara

I told you that you'd find a little bit of everything here, didn't I?

I think mascara is sometimes an overlooked cosmetic, people will just buy the cheapest one since a tube is only good for 3 months. But then you sometimes end up with raccoon eyes. Raccoon eyes do not look good on anyone, not even raccoons. My favorite everyday mascara is Clinique's Naturally Glossy mascara. LOVE THIS! It never clumps, smudges or leaves bits of mascara falling on your face. It's not a dramatic look, but it makes you look like you have beautiful natural lashes, long and glossy.

My second favorite mascara is Diorshow. This is the perfect mascara to wear when you're going out. It's more dramatic than the Clinique one and it makes my lashes very thick and full. You can buy it at Sephora. If you have a lot of holiday parties to go to this year, you have to get this mascara and see how beautiful it makes you look.


stilettoed praline said...

Oh, I can attest to this mascara. It's gorgeous but because I cannot afford a stylist on my every beck and call, I prefer Guerlain's new one --it's in my blog(http://stilettoedpraline.typepad.com/)-- these days that comes with two brushes on each of its tips/ends. The other brush for the usual top eyelashes while the other is for the bottom eyelashes. It's just magic! =)