November 22, 2008

Hottest Holiday Toys

According to the National Retail Federation 2008 Top Toy survey, Barbie and video games top the list for the hottest toys this holiday season. The survey polled 8,758 consumers this month to gauge this year's shopping trends among consumers. Here is the list of what they found to be the Hot Toys of 2008:

Top toys for girls

1. Barbie
2. Disney Hannah Montana
3. Dolls (generic)
4. Bratz (dolls)
5. Nintendo Wii
6. Video games
7. Elmo
8. Disney High School Musical
9. Disney princess (dolls and themed items)
10. American Girl (dolls and themed items)

Top toys for boys

1. Video games
2. Nintendo Wii
3. Lego
4. Cars (generic)
5. Transformers
6. Elmo
7. Star Wars
8. Hot Wheels
9. Remote-controlled vehicles
10. Xbox 360

What are your kids asking for this year? Are you planning on buying any of the toys that made the list?


Lorrie Veasey said...

My kids could have practically written the lists above: guess that means I have to get the shopping done early. I still remember the "cabbage patch scare" of the 80s.

The Happy Mom said...

I remember watching the news when I was little and just the shock of watching grown women literally beating each other for those dolls. What a great way to spread the true meaning of Christmas!

Veronica Lee said...

My boys request for a camping tent this year.

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

In our house we are all Thomas the choo-choo, all the time.

Melinda said...

My boys are still too young for a lot of the things on that list...but the one year old is getting the Elmo live and the four year old is getting that new big dinosaur that has the remote control - the dog ought to LOVE that! : )

The Rambler said...

I cannot believe how many years Barbie has been looking strong. I joke with my cousin (we are in our 30's) about how our Barbies were more "mature". For our daughters first Christmas (they both weren't even 1) I got them Barbies...for later, to carry on the tradition (well hopefully not the mature part)

Thanks for the memory lane walk.

Dee said...

i'm getting a nintendo wii for my son/family.

A gym membership for my oldest boy.

My daughter? Not too sure yet.

Rhea said...

My boys want Lego kits for sure...but other than that, I'm not sure...we have to sit down and talk about it.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Well I'd say that list is pretty accurate!!

This year we got our Bella LOTS of Disney dress up clothes (dresses, shoes, wigs), vanity and bench, and a bench. Goes well with the Disney Princess Wii game too, lol! Yeah, we're sorta going through a phase....for her entire life so far and I wish it could last forever 'cause we're loving it!!!

Wii is awesome and I feel bad for people who want it and can't find one.

Anonymous said...

The only thing on my daughter's list is High School Musical - good to know I won't be boxing with other moms in the arts & crafts aisles. It's the reason we stopped going to the "Mall-oween" events - some moms will box you out for a stinkin tootsie roll!

Honey Mommy said...

My boys are a little young...
Jonah wants a train and books. Eli can't talk yet, so I am assuming he doesn't care.

Just look what's ahead of me though!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

My 3 yo just wants anything she sees in a commercial! Watching Nickelodeon has become hazardous to my ban account! Every commercial is a toy ad and during each commercial, she exclaims, "Mommy, I want THAT!"

My 13 yo just wants more Wii games and an iPod. His list is so expensive, it's mind-blowing.

We've cut our Christmas expenses in half this year in order to stay afloat. We've also been hit hard by the struggling economy and just cannot afford a big Christmas this year! I'll be interested to see how black Friday plays out this year.

sandy said...

I love Barbie and so do my girls. However, we have a no Bratz rule at our house. They seem so...trampy.

I have some bloggy love for you on my blog:)

ParentingPink said...

Yep, I'd agree with the girl list. My daughter's want just about everything on here! LOL

Amanda said...

I think my kids would enjoy the video games from kohls.