November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday Strategy

I'm back from my Thanksgiving weekend just in time for some Cyber Monday shopping! Last year my family was in Disneyworld for Thanksgiving so I missed all the great Black Friday deals, but I found that on the Monday after, I actually found much BETTER deals online. Plus, you don't have stand in the freezing cold, waiting for a store to open at 4 am just to find they're all sold out of what you came for!

There are many deals to be had, but where to start? My advice is to make a list of what specific things you're looking for and then use a Cyber Monday deal site that contains categories of all the deals available throughout the day. My two favorites are:

1) This is the one I turn to when I want to find deals for everything on my shopping list. It's considered the "official" site of Cyber Monday.

2) is another great one. They have deals and coupon codes for tons of retailers and also great shopping tips.

Another piece of advice I have is that if you don't have a specific item in mind for a person on your list-write down how much you spend and shop by that. There are so many great deals that it is easy to spend over your budget and also buy things that weren't even on your list because it's a "good deal". Shop with caution! :)

Are you a Black Friday girl or a Cyber Monday girl? And if you're shopping today, what deals have you found?


The Rambler said...

I'm not a Black Friday impatient for lines and CRAZY people :)

BUT you may have hooked me to CYBER monday....Seriously, in my PJ's? You know how to warm a girls credit card. :) Thanks for the awesome tip.

Parent Club said...

I hadn't heard of cyber Monday... great info!

Danya said...

Dealio is also one of my favorites for Cyber Monday as well as all the time- they are always up to date and have tons of coupons. I have saved so much because of them lol!

Leslie said...

I went shopping on Black Friday, only b/c I didn't believe my fiance about Cyber Monday. I had never heard of it before! I bought a wonderful camera on Friday and then found it on Cyber Monday for $50 cheaper!!!
But I had already opened it and there's a 15% restocking fee at Best Buy, so I'm keeping it anyway.
I guess my fiance is right about some things!!

Jana said...

My favorite deal site is Fun blog!