November 8, 2008

Fall Yankee Candle Sale

I love Yankee candles. If I am somewhere that sells them, I will spend an hour standing there smelling each and every one. Now that I think about it, it sounds a little ocd, but honestly, their candles smell SOOO good, how can I resist? I like using their seasonal candles-I love smelling the Spiced Pumpkin one this time of year. They have some great fall scents that are on sale right now-you can get all of their fall gift sets for 50% off. My favorite is this set with 3 small jar candles. It includes Spiced Pumpkin, Fall Festival & Autumn Leaves. It's regularly $25 but is now marked down to $12.50. They make your whole house smell like how fall should smell. :)


Swirl Girl said...

I am one of those weirdos who don't like smelly candles.

I love the shimmer of candle light - but I get wigged out when they have aroma.

I don't like aroma therapy or scented oils and lotions either.

I DO love cooking smells, flowers and wine bouquet - so I am not a total loss~

Meaghan said...

Don't forget to get into this weeks giveaway. And....check out our November special buy 3 bags of coffee and we will give you a sample bag of our Pumpkin Spice coffee...FREE

The Happy Mom said...

Swirl Girl- my sister is the same way, all of her candles and lotions are unscented. And then there's me, who can't leave Bath & Body without smelling 67 different kinds of lotion. When I was little I used to have a sticker collection and my very favorites were the scratch and sniff ones-I would scratch them until the picture was gone!

The Happy Mom said...

Thanks Meaghan, I'll have to check it out, that Pumpkin Spice coffee sounds yummy!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Love love Yankee Candles. Thanks for the tip! I also love anything pumpkin scented (or flavored!)