July 13, 2009

Evian Roller Babies

Have you seen this video yet? This is a commercial for Evian featuring the "famous" roller skating babies! It cracks me up! It kind of reminds me of the Ally McBeal dancing baby from a few years back. Does anyone remember that one? Anyways, my daughter loves this too (even though we both find it hilarious yet a little creepy) and we found another video on youtube about the making of the video, bringing in all of the babies and trying to get different expressions out of them.

See, wasn't that cute? Although I've been seeing it everywhere so we'll probably be quite sick of it in a couple of weeks. Here is the other one, the making of the commercial:

So many adorable babies! Although I wish they would have explained the process a little more. I was trying to explain to my daughter how they used computers to animate it, but the babies' faces and expressions were real. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!


The Rambler said...

Just got this email last week. My 2 year old LOVED it. :)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Those are some talented babies! Heh.

My kids love this video!