November 20, 2008

Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving

If you are playing the role of hostess this Thanksgiving (one week from TODAY-can you believe it?), Williams-Sonoma has a ton of great tips on their website. I'm a huge fan of Williams-Sonoma. When I go into their store, I imagine it's how my daughter feels when she walks into American Girl Place.

WS can help you pick the perfect wine.

They have a video you can watch on setting the perfect table.

They have this beautiful Thanksgiving platter to put your turkey on.
They even have the organic turkey. They sell Willie Bird organic turkeys, which are fresh and can be delivered to you on Tuesday. There is a video on their site to show you how the free-range Willie Birds are raised*.

*I shouldn't have watched this. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about buying organic. However, does anyone really like to give a first and last name to something that they will eat? I also don't like to look at home movies of it surrounded by it's family, knowing it will soon meet it's demise. They look so happy at the farm......maybe we'll have pizza this year.


hippos toes said...

I had no idea they sold organic turkey's! I'm with you, the name thing is weird.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

The name thing is a tad creepy... I'm not going to be a hostess this year (just moved out of state away from friends and family..), but we are going to have our own little feast, just the 4 of us! Ya gotta love Williams-Sonoma.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you said that about naming the bird. I was thinking that after I read Willie Bird. It's tough to eat a Willie Bird - a delicious nameless turkey - now that's fine with me. You can't name dinner!

Dee said...

now I'm intrigued by that store. Hmmm wonder if there is one in the Seattle area?

Leslie said...

I heart WS, and I LOVE that turkey platter!!

Erin Tales said...

Oh! What awesome finds!

And you will love Blog Candy Designs!