November 4, 2008

The Democracy Project

Make sure you vote today and if you have a chance to take your kids with you, then do it. It is a great opportunity for you to model good citizenship to them and let them know that being able to vote is a privilege. The Democracy Project is a great website for kids to learn about the democratic process. It's fun for adults to look at too. DK Eyewitness books (I LOVE these books for kids, we have a collection of them) has a book called Vote which also does a great job of explaining the history of voting and elections. Remember that every voice counts.

Happy voting!


Jacie said...

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The Happy Mom said...

Hope you have a great day, too, Jacie! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Swirl Girl said...

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Swirl Girl

The Happy Mom said...

And just when I was starting to get that song out of my head! :)

Jen said...

Your blog is so cute! Thanks for stopping by mine! :) I love this post by the way. I am going to have to take some time to look through that website!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

My kids voted at school as well - they were so excited to be a part of this election!