November 18, 2008

Virtual Cookie Exchange

Making Christmas cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions. My blogging friend Melinda at "Bloggin' it From The 'Burbs" is hosting a cookie recipe exchange.

Here are the details from her blog in case I get them wrong (I have been known to do that once or many times):

"...on Monday, December 1st (that's 2 weeks from today, people) post your favorite cookie recipe on your blog, link back to "Bloggin' It From The 'Burbs" either with your own link in your post or you can grab one of the following widgets. Then come back to my page, add a comment and at that point I will have a "Mr. Linky" so that a link to your post will show up on my blog. And who can hold a party without having some kind of door prize? Certainly not me! So, depending on how many of you decide to join in, I will either draw a name out of a hat (so very official, don't you think?) or get one of those random-number-picker-thingies (don't you just love my non-technical terminology?) and one of you will win this very lovely Southern Living Incredible Cookies cookbook, filled with page after page of mouth-watering cookie recipes and photos. "

So, anyone who reads this blog is also invited by Melinda. It is a fun way to get a lot of new cookie recipes and maybe even win a new Southern Living cookbook!


Melinda said...

You are too sweet to post this. I really do hope we have a lot of people join in on the cookie swap! Thanks!

Debbie said...

That sounds like fun! I'm in.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

What a great idea!! I will definitely participate! I'm a fellow SITSta and wanted to pop over and see your blog. It's wonderful. I'm going to pop your button on the sidebar of my blog, Mommatudes!